Veterinary expertise is needed to provide wholesome and affordable healthcare solutions to ensure safe food and feed, protect people against zoonotic infections and help pets and their owners enjoy a long and healthy life together. Through their wide knowledge and competences in the areas of animal health, human health, environment and the interdependencies between these areas, veterinarians play an increasingly important role in our society, thus serving the community. The veterinarian’s share in the important concept of “One Health” can be seen as an evolution of the much longer existing concept of “Veterinary Public Health”. In line with the EVERI Strategy and Objectives 2020-2022 –“promote the work of veterinarians working in industry and to this aim work in collaboration with other professions” – a paper has been developed to reflect on the challenges and opportunities for veterinarians working in the Animal and Human Health (AHH) and for those working in Agri-Aqua & Food-Feed (AAFF) Industry.

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